Course A: Level 2 – Understanding Emotional Detox (60 CPD points)


Understanding What Emotions are and How Emotions Become Trapped in the Body & can be released through bodywork. We know that emotional trauma is held in the soft tissues of the body. The concept of tissue memory is fundamental to our understanding of the connection between bodywork and emotional trauma release.

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After studying this course, a student should be able to understand the following:

  • what emotions are and the relationship between emotions and the limbic system,
  • the components of an emotion,
  • the purpose of emotions,
  • what the Aura is,
  • identifying the chakras.

Emotional Detox through Bodywork is a deep and powerful healing technique. This deeply transformative emotional release technique enables negative emotions to be located, accessed and released, removing energy blocks and facilitating fluid energy flow.

During this course, you will study 7 lessons:

Lesson 1: What are Emotions?
Lesson 2: Every Emotion has a Purpose
Lesson 3: Energy in Motion
Lesson 4: The Aura
Lesson 5: Meridian System
Lesson 6: Chakra System
Lesson 7: Bodywork and Trauma Release


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