Emotional Detox

Why is Emotional Detox Important?

When it comes to detoxing, we tend to think about physical detoxing strategies and our minds tend to turn to thoughts of clean eating and fasts. Indeed you can find hundreds, if not thousands of websites, books, and articles outlining countless ways to eliminate impurities and cleanse the body and whilst these can be beneficial it is also important to clear negative emotions from the body and mind.

At Emotional Detox we believe that the mind and body are deeply connected, so your state of your emotions can have a profound effect on your heart and overall health. Therefore, emotional detoxing is just as important as any physical detoxing regimes you follow in order to attain optimum health. There is increasing scientific evidence to support this viewpoint.

How can studying an Emotional Detox Course be of benefit?

Obviously stressful emotions like anger, anxiety, and depression make us feel terrible, but what is not so obvious is the damage that these emotions can have on our physical bodies and overall health.

Our Emotional Detox courses are designed to help you:

  • Understand what emotions are
  • Be aware of your emotions.
  • Understand how emotions are stored within the bodies cellular memory
  • Learn bodywork techniques to release negative emotions stored within the body
  • Learn techniques to lighten up the mind, body and soul
  • Transform frustration, disempowerment, lack of self esteem and health damage through negative emotions.